"I was having problems with sciatica and low back pain that radiated all the way down my leg. I spoke to others who had sciatica problems most of their adult lives and someone suggested acupuncture, but could not guarantee that the problem would go away forever. I never had acupuncture before, so this was a first for me. I went to see Bruce Gustafson, and he had an incredibly gentle touch and answered all of my questions. I was somewhat nervous about the needles and he reassured me I would barely feel them, and that was true. What is remarkable to me is that the symptoms were resolved almost right away and I never had a problem since. I highly recommend him...he has got the gift and a healing nature!"

- Iris R.

"I saw Bruce for treatments over two months while staying in LA, visiting from Ireland. Bruce has a warm and kind approach, and he identified quite a few issues that I had had ongoing for some time. Through changing my diet (eliminating sugar in particular, something I have stuck with) and acupuncture treatment, I made significant progress with these issues and left undoubtedly much better than the start of my treatment. I subsequently pursued further acupuncture treatment upon return to Ireland, sure that in Bruce's approach, I had experienced some deeper wisdom of the health of the human body. Indeed, I had many interesting discussions on the underpinning philosophy of acupuncture. I wholeheartedly recommend Bruce for a compassionate, authentic and highly knowledgeable acupuncturist."

- Patrick U.


Hi Friends & Family💜
Just wanted to share something great and positive with you. As most of you know I live a really busy ACTIVE LIFE; between Acting,Training, Pro-Wrestling, Coaching, Fighting & Team Bully Buster, I find myself in pain and discomfort when driving, resting & sleeping.
Also, about a year and a half ago I was T-boned as I was driving home from practice, that left me with a Totalled car and lots of lower back pain on my Right side. I was treated for months with physical therapy (adjustments, Pilates, acupuncture, and cupping) and pretty much just accepted that I would be aware of my pain and discomfort forever but would always just push through it- Cuz that’s what Keta does.
BUT then I was sent an angle named Bruce.
I’m currently shooting a feature film and the lady who plays my mom was telling me about her husband and how he is a Healer.

I listened intently because obviously I wish I had some type of healing. She told me that he specializes in Chinese medicine and Acupuncture. I told her I don’t think acupuncture works for me because I tried it and didn’t feel any different and in all honesty felt like it was a waste of my time. She insisted he was different and just give it a try. So me being the hopeful faithful person that I am said OK let’s try it and I booked my first appointment.
After my first appointment I was pain-free for 12 hours which I have not felt in over a year and a half. After my second session I was pain-free for 72 hours😵😵😵😵 are you guys listening I literally live in constant pain that I’m aware of 24-7 and I just deal with it.
I’ve now been going to Bruce for about a Month and am SOOOOOOO GRATEFUL and pain free most of the time. I say most of the time because what I do for a living isn’t going to stop, it’s just my lifestyle so I now have Incorporated Bruce and acupuncture into my lifestyle and now I feel symmetrical and fluidity through my body.
Not to say that after my crazy pro wrestling trainings and after high impact sessions..That I do feel pain but now I know how to deal with it and handle it.
So to all my athlete, active, workout friends and family... If you have any nagging pain or injuries go see Bruce!
Balance Point Wellness - Bruce Gustafson, L.Ac.
He’s on Larchmont... and there is just something COMPLETELY different about how he does it and the needles he uses and his understanding of the body. 🙌🏽

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