How does acupuncture work?  It's not crucial at all to know the how and why of acupuncture in order to experience its effectiveness. In case you want to know more, while the following article is long and maybe a bit technical, it's an excellent presentation about the mechanisms of acupuncture that bridges both Eastern & Western understanding.

When I get acupuncture treatments, will you also prescribe herbs for me? Acupuncture is often enhanced with classic Chinese herbal formulas and/or combinations of individual herbs. Sometimes we will use carefully selected Western style nutritional supplements instead. You may not need to take herbs or supplements as part of your wellness plan, but often these will enhance the acupuncture between treatments by working in synergy to bring your body back to health and address functional imbalances.

Are herbs safe? I've heard herbs can contain toxic elements, other contaminants, or heavy metals. How do you source the herbs you use? Integrity and safety of products is essential, and determining the right sources of herbs and supplements is very important. We have carefully selected companies whose sourcing, manufacturing processes and quality are of the highest standards. These companies use scientific testing procedures like Thin Layer Chromatography (TLC) to identify the unique component makeup of an herb to further guarantee its authenticity; High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) is used to ensure that the bio-active constituents are present in proper concentration. Rigorous additional high end laboratory test standards set by the World Health Organization are used to test for toxicity, heavy metals, and more, and these selected manufacturers abide by these strict limitations for purity and maintain bio-active, therapeutic grade quality.

Please view the following links if you'd like more information about the quality and safety procedures these select companies utilize, and why we choose them as part of line of herbs and supplements.